5 Tips to Finding the Right Tattoo Artist

Tattoo studios and tattoo artists are everywhere. Choosing the right tattoo artist may seem like a daunting task. Whether you are researching an artist for your first tattoo or if you are a seasoned tattoo collector, here are some important tips on what to look for in a skilled tattoo artist and find the best tattoo artist for your project.

1. Do your research.

  • Social media and search engines are key to finding tattoo artists. Look into artist profiles and start following them on social media platforms to see their artwork, portfolios, and learn a little about their personalities. If a tattoo artist has industry sponsors, this may be a good sign that they are a well established artist with a solid portfolio. Some examples of respectable industry sponsors include World Famous Tattoo Ink and Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment.

  • Tattoo Conventions are back in full swing. These events are a great opportunity to meet tattoo artists, learn more about the tattoo industry and products, and get inspired for your next tattoo idea. Conventions showcase local, national and international tattoo artists. Keep in mind, most artists book appointments prior to the convention weekend. Going there with the expectation to leave with a tattoo without an appointment is unlikely. Click the links below to explore national and international conventions.



The following tattoo conventions presented by Inked Magazine are my personal favorites. The New York Empire State Tattoo Expo and The California Golden State Tattoo Expo. These conventions are hosted annually.

2. Consistency is key.

  • Be sure to look over a tattoo artists’ entire portfolio. Don’t base your decision off just one portfolio piece that caught your eye. Examine the details in each portfolio piece. Look at the contrast, depth, background, and composition. No matter the style of art and tattoo you are seeking, mastering these basic art elements are a sure sign of skill and preparation.