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My Story

When I was sixteen years old, I built a tattoo machine out of a Walkman motor and some guitar strings. I don't recommend anyone should try it, but that was the kind of kid I was. I saw the possibilities in everyday items. I poked my head into all sorts of places to find creation and inspiration. Growing up in Mexico allowed me to see a lot of unusual things that helped me to eventually build my brand and solidify my style.

Some of my most recognizable subjects are skulls. I've spent years perfecting my representation of and showing my respect for skulls, both for my clients and for my artwork. I think skulls get a bad rep. People tend to find them taboo or spooky, maybe because the idea of death hits a nerve for a lot of people. To be honest, sometimes I find the living to be more unsettling. Skulls remind me that humans are merely mortals. We all share the same biological foundations and in death, things like race, religion, gender, age, status, and class do not matter anymore. In death, you're not judged, dehumanized, or cast aside. I find peace in the fact that the problems of the world are absolved for those who are laid to rest. I see the marks of their life and acknowledge their peace while observing and recreating skulls. 

In the last twenty-five years, I've spent every day mastering my craft. I've surrounded myself with incredible artists from around the world and, in turn, I've been able to tour many parts of our beautiful planet. I've been very privileged that my passion has turned into a talent that has allowed me to explore endless depths of art, expression, and creation. 

Pushing the boundaries of realism in terms of dimension, contrast, perspective, and depth is extremely rewarding to me. I strive to bring my tattoos to life so they can be showcased as fine art pieces. I want my clients to be blown away with the work we create together, and give them good memories and stories to take with them, along with their new artwork.

Motor City Tattoo Expo 3/2024.jpeg
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