How do I get an appointment and how fast can I expect a response?

The best way to book an appointment with Jose Perez Jr. is to click on the BOOK NOW tab. Once we receive your submission, please allow 10-14 business days for a response. Jose is booked from anywhere between 4 - 6 months in advance. If your project requires multiple day session(s), we advise that you schedule your project accordingly. Priority booking is offered to clients lookig to book within 2-4 weeks. See more information in the question below.

Does JPJ do Cover-ups?

Jose will take on cover-up projects upon approval of your submission. Not all cover-up requests will be accepted. Please include photos of the tattoo you're wanting to cover in your submission on the BOOK NOW tab. Please include images of cover-up, next to a tape measure, and placement with your submission. Keep in mind, cover-ups will require more sessions.

  • Cover Ups and Scars: Provide body part photo(s) to allow Jose to complete and prepare properly for both your tattoo consultation/session date(s). Providing photos of your existing work will allow Jose to make the best creative decisions based on your existing piece and cover up options.
  • Whites / Lightening Session(s) - vary by submission / Project Basis (number of cover up can vary on number of sessions to complete depending on size & darkness of existing piece)
Client must be open to Jose’s expertise in properly executing the coverup project as each is unique to complete. Please remember that COVER UP design choices may be limited due to existing piece size / darkness.

How do consultations work?

CONSULTATIONS Every new project requires a minimum of one consultation with the artist. Consultations are to be done virtually, via Skype. No in-person consultations for the duration of Phase 3 of the state of Illinois’ Re-opening plan. If you have any additional questions or cannot find us on Skype, please let us know and we will help you find us! Find us and download Skype for your computer. Find us on Skype at darkwater501 and request us as a contact in preparation of your new project! We recommend that you use Skype on either a desktop or laptop computer in order for Jose to share screens and review images with you. If you are using a tablet/phone the artist does not have the option to do so. We do not offer/use the FaceTime app for online consultations because the artist’s are unable to share screens and review images/designs. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please remember to ask clarifying questions, be straightforward and direct with your artist at the consultation about your design direction and detail desired in project(s). Asking questions at the consultation will ensure we are able to get to work the day of your tattoo appointment to utilize your session time best. Please remember that every artist is unique and has their own method of approaching their designs. Jose will work with you the day of your first appointment to make final design sizing/placement edits, as well as have the proper time to prep/stencil and/or free hand draw out your piece. Please note that sharing final designs is to the artists discretion. Any last minute changes to the design or subject matter will greatly delay your tattoo start time. Please be aware if this occurs, you will be taking away from your tattoo time for the session.

Is a deposit required to book an appointment with JPJ?

Yes. A $500.00 deposit is required for every appointment. Deposits are non-refundable. Please reivew the deposit policy below: DEPOSIT POLICY A $500 USD DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED FOR EACH APPOINTMENT. $1,000 USD DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED FOR TWO - DAY SESSION APPOINTMENTS: (1) $500 DEPOSIT FOR EACH DAY. **Deposits will be forfeited for the following reasons: cancellations for any reason within 14 business days of a scheduled appointment date, no call/no show on scheduled appointment date or rescheduling within 14 business days of a scheduled appointment date. (NO EXCEPTIONS) To reschedule an appointment, 14 business days notice is required to allow a deposit to roll over. To cancel an appointment without reschedule, 14 business days is required to receive a deposit refund.

What if I need to cancel/reschedule or miss my appointment?

If such an occasion should arise where a client needs to cancel/reschedule an appointment due to an emergency; the studio must be given notice 14 business days prior to the appointment to ensure that you do not lose your paid deposit. If notice is not given 14 business days prior to your appointment, your paid deposit will be forfeited to the studio and you will be required to pay another deposit to make a new appointment. In the event you miss your scheduled appointment, your deposit will be forfeited to the studio. No exceptions.

What forms of payment does Jose Perez Jr accept?

We accept cash and credit cards. You will receive an invoice via Square to pay your deposit.

Recommended Aftercare Instructions for a new tattoo.

Saniderm Aftercare Instructions

What is priority booking?

Priority booking is offered to clients who are interested in speeding up the wait time for an appointment. If you are interested, please check the priority booking option located in the submission form.

Where will JPJ be traveling to this year?

Due to Covid-19, all travel plans have been put on hold. Be sure to follow him on Instagram to stay up to date with everything JPJ.

What are the new studio poilicies due to Covid-19?

Please review the following updated studio guidelines for the duration of Tier 3 Mitigation in the state of Illinois:

  • No walk-ins permitted. Appointments only.
  • Artist consultations are to be done virtually, via Skype. No in-person consultations.
  • All clients must complete an online screening questionnaire for Covid-19 symptoms and exposure prior to appointment date.
  • Clients and artists must wear face coverings (over nose and mouth) during service.
  • Clients cannot bring any guests along for appointment.
  • Clients should go directly to 2nd floor service area, and not wait in lobby area for services to start.
  • Client & Artist hand washing required before & after session and before & after any breaks. Practice frequent hand washing and avoid touching your face.
  • In compliance with IL re-opening plan, no food or beverages will be served. Clients may bring their own.

How many sessions will my project take?

Number of sessions can vary based on factors such as:

  • canvas size (backpiece, leg sleeve, half sleeve, etc.),
  • size of element(s),
  • background,
  • detail of element(s) & background, etc.
Please keep in mind, any last minute changes to the design or subject matter will greatly delay your tattoo start time. Please be aware if this occurs, you will be taking away from your tattoo time for the first session. During your scheduled free consultation, Jose will discuss with you an estimated number of sessions to achieve your desired project design. Please do ask clarifying questions at your consultation and be honest about your wants / expectations for your design, Jose is happy to explain details and address project design questions during your consultation.

How to submit photos for a new tattoo project.

Body part photos should include:

  • existing tattoos if you intend to incorporate
  • Cover up in project design) for intended placement for Jose to utilize as a design template.
  • take photos in a well lit environment (outdoors, sunlight)
  • have a friend or family member take the photos next to a tape measure (no selfies) to avoid distortion.
  • include multiple angles (front, back, sides)
See examples below: