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COVID & Tattooing

There's no way around it; COVID has impacted us all in different ways. Being a small business owner and tattoo artist, I was no exception when it came to who had to figure out how to deal with this crisis. Luckily, I've spent much of my life overcoming obstacles. The key to success in this life is one's ability to adapt and evolve with ever-changing circumstances - most of which are out of our control.

I pride myself on being able to figure a way out of any predicament and onto a new, clear path. I looked at this pandemic no differently. Of course, I had my fears and doubts but I knew I couldn't let myself get distracted from what was important. I've built a name for myself and my business over the last twenty years. Not one second of it has been easy. But I'm happy to say that it's all been worth it to see how hard work, dedication, and perseverance can reward anyone who gives it their all.

While tattoo studios are already extremely hygienic, safe, and sterile environments, I took no hesitation in ensuring my business went above and beyond to take the proper measures in preparation of reopening. Once given the green light, I was happy to open my doors to a very different world.

Dark Water Studio was once a lively place filled with clients, staff, artists from around the world, and it also played host to many enthralling art galleries. As COVID would have it, however, we are now enforcing strict health guidelines. Staff and clients undergo screening to ensure safety protocols are met. Our studio has limited staff in order to maintain social distancing. Clients are only permitted to come by themselves and masks are worn 100% of the time by everyone.

Luckily, business has been booming. Tattoos, and all forms of art for that matter, have a way of making people feel better. During times like these, I'd say we could all use something to give us a boost. I'm so lucky that I've mastered a craft that can, quite literally, be given to others.

Most travelling is canceled. Conventions are a thing of the past. Guest artists are on standby until further notice. I miss the old energy and the old way of life. But I am eager to see us all work toward a better future!

I have found a new way of travel for when clients from out of state call upon my services. I've begun using AmTrak. They offer a multitude of options for me to get around. I have exclusively been booking private rooms which offer me the privacy, safety, and security that I need. I honestly think I might prefer this method of travel to flying. No stuffy airplane, no lines or heavy security. No restrictions on how many things I want to bring with me. And I get to enjoy a private room all to myself that allows me to sleep, relax, enjoy the view, and use all of my electronics at my leisure. They provide meals and round-the-clock service, too. Although, I now know to bring a do-not-disturb sign along with me - haha. Since COVID, I've only been able to get in a nap or two when I can. It's safe to say that I am TIRED so it's nice to use these trips to try and catch some sleep.

I think a lot about all the businesses that couldn't make it during this time and I am immediately humbled by my circumstances. I hope to use my experience, time, and energy to find ways to give back and to leave a legacy behind. I hope everyone is staying safe and doing well out there! Thanks for reading!


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