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Booking a Tattoo Appointment with Jose Perez Jr.

Jose is a black and grey tattoo artist. He primarily focuses on tattooing custom freehand designs in collaboration with his clientele, making each design individual and unique. To fill out a submission form to request an appointment with Jose Perez Jr., click here.

Jose Perez Jr Tattoos, realism tattoos, black and grey tattoos, freehand tattoos, freehand skull tattoos
Jose Perez Jr., Chicago black and grey tattoo Artist at Dark Water Studio


  • Jose Perez Jr. is currently accepting appointments for 2023 at Dark Water Studio, located at 501 Willow Blvd. Suite 102 in Willow Springs IL, a southwest suburb of Chicago.


  • A deposit is required to begin/schedule your first session. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and must be kept on file in order to book future sessions. All deposit invoices are sent with a Deposit Policy that must be signed.


  • Number of sessions can vary based on factors such as: canvas size (back piece, leg sleeve, half sleeve, etc.), size of element(s), background, detail of element(s) /background, etc. We strongly encourage new clients to set up follow-up sessions in advance once their deposit is fulfilled. Keep in mind that Jose is typically booked up to four months in advance.


  • Every new project with Jose requires a pre-session Zoom Meeting. Zoom Meetings are typically scheduled Mon-Fri 8-9:00pm CST. These meetings will be hosted by Jose's assistant. During your meeting, your project will be reviewed; design ideas and reference images will be discussed and Jose's assistant will answer any questions you may have regarding Jose's process and your upcoming session.

Jose Perez Jr, tattoo artist in Chicago IL freehand skull tattoo at Dark Water Studio in Willow Springs IL
Jose Perez Jr Tattoos Freehand Skull


  • All concepts for your tattoo must be open to Jose's artistic freedom. When working with Jose, he strongly recommends that you allow him to choose the proper reference images. Jose takes great time and consideration in choosing the right reference photo. He will consult with you on the theme of your tattoo, the placement and the reference image which will all lead to the highly realistic detailed tattoo you desire.


  • Rate information will be sent via email after project approval.


  • Please note that Jose cannot accept all submissions. In order to help you decide if your project is a good fit for both you and Jose, please read the following parameters:

SUBMISSION RESTRICTIONS: Some extra things to keep in mind.

  • Jose does not use color ink in his projects.

  • Jose does not tattoo script or lettering of any kind.

  • "Nautical" themed sleeves are highly sought after; your ideas must be open to Jose's interpretation / customization.

  • Religious Saints (Michael, Christopher, etc) will not be accepted.

  • Any theme that suggests prejudice of any kind will not be accepted.

  • Portraits MUST be of high quality imagery. This includes high resolution, contrast, depth, good focus, etc. Washed out, grainy photographs cannot be replicated.

  • Jose will not do any form of tribal tattoos / markings.

  • Jose will not recreate other artists' work - you must be open to original, custom work that has not been done before.


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