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Freehand Tattoo Tips

Freehand is the perfect element to add to any tattoo project to enhance placement, flow and background.

My preferred brand of markers are Sharpie Brush Tips for freehand tattoo projects. They are available in a variety of colors and the brush tips allow me to draw thin and thick lines with ease. Also, once the markers dry on the skin, the lines stay visible for a good amount of time. Try to avoid wiping the marker lines, instead dab the ink away as you begin tattooing.

Connecting elements together with freehand backgrounds are a great way to create flow in the overall composition of the project. It's important to still use reference images even though you are free handing. Using reference images help you navigate the proper use of lighting throughout the piece.

Using freehand for an entire piece allows me to imitate the natural curves on the body which creates a whole other level of depth to the tattoo, adding your own artistic stamp at the same time.

For a more in depth look into freehand tattoos, please consider signing up for one of my One-on-One virtual webinars.

Thanks for reading! Keep working hard and perfecting your craft.


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