Tips & Tricks with JPJ: Multiple Session Planning

Tuesday June 16, 2015

This is Jose Perez Jr, and this is the falcon story.  In this segment, we are going to discuss pre planning for larger pieces, and full sleeves.  So my client was looking for a falcon osprey, so we landed on this.  The reason I chose this is because he wanted the full sleeve, and as you can see the falcon has his wing extended towards his arm and I wanted to utilize that as much as possible, and going as big as I could to bring the falcon to size.  I was trying to make sure that the body of the osprey is in the inner bicep.

The flourishes come in after I laid the stencil in.  I am using the custom flourishes, or the ornate flowering bone texture.  And what I intend to do, im trying to fill in the rest of the gaps, im also trying to keep in mind, to follow the flow of the arm. As you can see im coming up and over the falcon.  I wanna make sure im not covering the most detailed parts, his face his feet, tips of his feathers, so I kept the flourish around his wing, I dipped underneath and went behind the bird, I didn't wanna distort any of the wings or claws, as you can see I think he has tendonitis in his feet, hes been hunting mice.  

Alright so, I came up and around the bird making sure I steer clear of his detailed face, make sure you don't get in the way of showcasing the bird itself.  As you can see I came around the clients elbow, that was a decision we made beforehand not to touch the elbow.  It still flows with the arm, im looking for muscle structure in some ones body, and curves you see, play with them.  Follow those lines, not trying to make the piece too busy, im making the background behind the flourishes just a soft blend, so you're able to identify each structure of the tattoo when you look at it. 

this scenario too with the bird, it was gonna take multiple session, i wasn't gonna be able to knock it out at once so im doing some pre planning here.  I used a marker over the stencil , I figured out what kinda movement for the background and flourishes to flow, I mark those in and went from there.  As I go ahead and tattoo the bird itself, with my lightest shade I outline, kinda like a bloodline of the shapes of the flourishes so I can preserve that negative space. I know im not crossing over where my flourishes will be.  So on my next session I can only focus on the flourishes themselves.