Tips & Tricks with JPJ: White Highlights

Tuesday June 16, 2015

JPJ here sharing some tips and tricks, today were talking about white highlights in this particular piece, a burlesque dancer.


So here I am doing the white highlights in this area because I made the artistic decision from the beginning that I wanted the focus to go to the feather background designs I added and integrated in to this piece.  You accomplish this by adding the white highlights, and how you apply them.  Sometimes ill even go over them a couple times, 2-3 times in the areas that I really want to pop.


With white highlights you always wanna think about, even if you have a bad reference, ok where do you want someones focal point to go?  Like a face, what you want to bring out is the wetness in eyes the realism that shine, the lips sometimes the nose, the jewelry. what gives it that extra glare, the extra pop you’re looking for visually that comes off of the art, or in this case the skin. Always think about that and those are the key points, you don’t wanna over do stuff, you don’t need to.  You have a lot of artists trying to over do themselves and apply it to a bunch of different areas but when you do that it tends to fall flat cause its everywhere, choosing the specific focal points is what sets off the piece. 


These white highlights im applying here are from the reference itself , like her face and the feathers, im not just randomly putting them wherever i want, you can do that as an artist for sure, but i dont try to over do it.  And just because the area on the reference is really white, you still want to choose specific highlights, like these feathers I’m doing here.  Choose particular ones that you want to showcase where you spent a little more time, so you wanna spend that equal time adding the white in there.