Tips & Tricks with JPJ : Large Scale Composition

Tuesday January 13, 2015

How's it going guys ?! Today I want to talk about larger scale pieces and how I go about laying it out, and the steps I take to complete the piece . First tip with large scale pieces is don't get overwhelmed . I like to lay it all out and start with anything stenciled first, then build some other shapes and flow off of that . I`ll usually line out the flourishes in a really really light shade, almost to where you can barely see it, the first session so you have a guide that you can start shading off of, while allowing yourself the opportunity to still make different decisions as you go . I use the technique of push and pull . Doing the bottom portion of the piece really light so that way I can go in later on, once the lion is finished, and add the contrast in certain areas and key points where I want it to stand out a little bit more . That way I can bring the bottom of the piece forward once the lion is done, and add some nice drop shadows to give it a more in depth feel .