Waterloo Tattoo Storage

Thursday January 08, 2015

What's going on guys !? I'm here today to talk about why I love Waterloo Tattoo Storage and why I choose to use it personally as well as in my shop . I love the fact that it's mobile so you can take it with you anywhere . Tons of storage compartments so you can fit everything you need conveniently . From ink caps to rubber bands, all your ink to your boxes of needles, you can virtually have everything in one space . Another really cool attribute is the lock box that's built in, so if you're traveling or just want to keep your cash safe in general you can have it all easily accessible . Something really great that comes with it also is a magnet power strip with built in USB ports that you can put anywhere on your station, great for keeping cords out of the way and easy ways to charge your phone without taking up the actual outlets . The stainless steel top adds the perfect finishing touch so it wont rust or wear out on you . Definitely check them out because it makes the perfect addition to your tattoo workspace . Thanks Donnie you`re the man . www.waterlootattoostorage.com