Tips & Tricks with JPJ : Stencil Tips

Tuesday January 06, 2015

Hey friends !! Today we're going to go over some stencil tips . Depending on your stencil positioning, sometimes you aren’t always fortunate enough to have a shoulder piece or forearm piece where you have a nice level surface to work with . So since this piece, in particular, is riding down his stomach, and I am right handed, it makes tattooing without smearing the stencil more difficult . Technically, I could start from the far right and work my way left, but I don’t want to over exhaust myself with being in an awkward position, so I would rather just gradually work that way . As you can see the stencil started smearing a little, so to help in avoiding that you can simply just place a piece of paper towel over where your arm is going  to be to avoid any further smudging .