Tips & Tricks with JPJ : Textures

Monday December 15, 2014

Today we're talking texture . In order for your pieces to stand out amongst the great number of amazingly talented artists that are tattooing today, you really want to focus on doing extra stuff like textures . In order to do textures you really just have to take your time . I like to use a lot of my liner to get really detailed stuff . In this piece, for example, the hairs are the textures and the liner makes it really easy to get in there and make the really fine lines and just get really intricate with these pieces . The only downfall is that it is always better to get a healed picture because sometimes when you do a lot of the detailed light stuff, the skin tends to turn red and get irritated . What I usually do is back and forth brush stokes, get really nitty gritty with all the little details, and yes it does take a little longer to do it as a piece, but once again that is how you set yourself apart from everyone else, so you really just want to get in there and focus on textures .